Play Ball!

It’s all about the Copenhagen Softball & Baseball Club.

The men’s division II team — The Urban Achievers — just finished their 2013 season on a high note, finishing with a record of 14-6, the most experimental season in team history. It’s been a great year, but we’re now brokenhearted to see our beloved Sandlot turn into just another off-season soccer pitch.

But hey, just because we’re bereaved doesn’t make us saps! They’re still working on getting a proper baseball/softball stadium built somewhere in the greater Copenhagen area. If you have any ideas or contacts, don’t hesitate to email the dudes.

And, by the way, Copenhagen Softball now has a women’s team! Inventively called the Achieverettes, these special lady friends played hard all summer and now look to establish a solid core of players to continue playing in next year’s female softball tournament, or, playing baseball with the dudes.

And let’s not forget, in the winter there’s still indoor trainings, team meetings, baseball documentary film showings, and all kinds of other tomfoolery to come.

Stay tuned


The Urban Achievers are today, and have  been for a few years now, an exclusively hardball team. Three-time Danmarksmestre i Baseball, we’re looking to make it four-in-a-row here in 2017. Catch up with the legend of the Copenhagen Urban Achievers here for some poetic game summaries and the twists and turns of their turbulent history, as these heroes continue their struggle to obtain the necessary means for… the necessary means for a “higher education” in the art of coaching, learning and playing amateur baseball.


Anybody and everybody interested in baseball. Valby Idrætsparken, field #3, Wednesdays @ 5pm and Sundays 2pm. You can find us on this map — or — here too.



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