The 2nd Annual CPH Chili Cook-Off

After last year’s immensely enjoyable, tasty, and spicy cook-off we’re going public with this party and opening the gates to the glorious community garden in Amager for the 2nd Annual Copenhagen Chili Cook-Off!

Where: Prags Have — Prags Boulevard 43, Amager

When: Saturday, Sept.24, High Noon (kl.12)

What: An old-fashioned chili stew cook-off. Although you’re totally free to decide what you wanna put in your stew (meats, veggies, dairy, fruits, beer, whatever) you gotta use chilies. Only stews and soups that make some use of chili peppers (fresh, dried, powdered, etc) will qualify for this here competition.

Entering a chili is absolutely free, plus you’ll get a delicious microbrew on draft from Beer Here!

Absurd and beautiful, we know.

Those who wish to enter the contest need only bring:

1. a large pot of your chili stew

2. a serving spoon

3. the recipe (in case of food allergies, vegan/vegetarian diets, etc.)

4. a colorful sign with your chili’s name on it.

Those who simply wish to sample and vote on the chilies need only bring your 50kr. tasters fee. And your own beverages.

Who: organized by the non-profit Summersalt Factory and hosted by Prags Have, with sponsorship from Beer Here, Bjarne’s frø og planter, og

Why: To sample some delicious chili stews! Oh yes, and to vote on the first, second and third place winners — with an honorable mention award for that special fourth chili. If your chili is one of the winners, you’ll receive one of the following awards…*

1st place: 1 yr. Co-Leadership of the Summersalt Chili & Beer Committee

2nd place: gift basket from – a cornucopia of all things chili

3rd place: assortment of exotic chili seeds to plant next year, courtesy of Bjarne’s frø

Honorable Mention: A kick-ass Classic Rock Mix CD made by the Summersalt Factory

How: sign up here on the comments thread, or on F-book, or reply via email. Make sure to mention if you’ll be entering a chili in the competition (by the 22nd, please!) and how many people you’re bringing.

*The categories and voting ballots will be published soon.

So get ready to feel the heat of a mouth-watering chili cook-off of an Indian Summer in Scandinavia!

Hope to see you there.


2 responses to “The 2nd Annual CPH Chili Cook-Off

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  2. Rune Jensen

    I´m in! I´ll bring a thai style green chilli.

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