Our First Homebrew – the preparation

January 26, 2012


After a brief brainstorm session (and some constructive criticism) at Fermentoren beer bar with brewers Wagner, Skovdal, and Pollard, we felt good about going full-speed ahead with a last-minute homebrew project before Trey and Steph had to fly home to Denver three days later. The next day, Trey and Steph hopped a train to Louisiana Art Museum for creative inspiration, while yours truly ventured out into the frozen commercial wasteland of Rødovre, to Maltbazaren, to collect equipment and ingredients for brewing.

We all returned home around the same time that night, ready to split open the grain by hand, bat, and blender — as our late order prevented us from getting it milled in advance. With Maris Otter Barley being our base malt, it was only natural that we got the Louisville Slugger out (a nod to Roger Maris) and we got things rolling…

The going was slow, so Steph started working the child’s rolling pin…

Anne even got down with the pestle and mortar….

The Choco and Carafa III malts were quickly cut open in the blender and under the bat:

Patience and perseverance paid off, as our carboy was soon filled with grainy goodness…

The flaked oats were then smothered in honey, as Steph roasted them to perfection in the oven.

All other photos of this sacred, secret method seem to have disappeared…

And with that, we were ready for our first day of homebrewing in the brew cellar at Christianshavns Beboerhus…

See the STEP-by-STEP process…


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