4th Annual Cook-Off RE-CAP!


photos: Donovan Moloney


photo: Eduardo Flyaway

CHILI FAMILY PHOTO, by: Eduardo Flyaway

The results are in!

After another brilliant CPH Chili Cook-Off full of sizzling hot stews, spontaneous spewing, finger-lickin’ good hot sauces, gut-wrenching hilarity, delicious organic pølser, homemade breads and hummus and chili brownies, and friendly, fiery, helpful friends and strangers, where nobody went home empty-handed (or at least empty-bellied) and where coveted prizes were won and children played and people stayed to make it a veritable “Fuld Hus Forbi” (as our homeless friend Daniel put it), we are honored and delighted to announce the winners of each of the three contests from the 4th Annual CPH Chili Cook-Off…


Entries: 7

Winner: Hot Sauce #3 – (“26/LH no.II”) – by Jens Sonne!

Jens gets to produce 20 jars of his winning hot sauce together with John’s Hot Dog Deli. Way to go Slim!


Entries: 11


Honorable Mention: Jacob Heller’s “Keep it Green”

  • Prize: bottle of hot sauce

3rd Place: Kristine Nielsen and Wes McCuiston’s “Rwandan Pumpkin Chili”

  • Prize: bag of mixed chilies (mild) and Serrano hot sauce + bag of mixed chilies (hot!) with Naga hot sauce

2nd Place: Rune and Katrine Jensen’s “Yellow Goo”

  • Prize: Chili Growing Kit: a portable electric greenhouse with a variety of chili seeds, chili-growing liquid nutrients

1st Place (and defending champion): Phil Simpson’s “Mexican Chicken and Black Bean Mole”

  • Prize: 3 jars of hot sauce, 1 bag of mixed chilies (medium-strong), and 1 cast iron pot

Congratulations to you all!


Contestants and their Nicknames:

Nanna – “Freak on a Leash”

Young Jens – “M”

Donovan – “Big D”

Teddy – “Dilly”

Jessica – “Sissy”

Benjamin – “Ginger Bollox”

Round 1: Ancho Poblano chili — everybody seemed okay with this one, commenting on the nice flavors, until we noticed something very wrong with Ginger Bollox. He’d eaten the entire chili. But it was the wrong chili.

Round 2: Aji Lemon — everybody except the aforementioned contestant sampled and enjoyed this pleasurable, citrus-y chili without any major difficulties. At this point, Ginger Bollox had passed out face-first on the table.

Round 3: Habanero Hot Lemon — once again, all five of the conscious contestants nibbled away without so much as sweating…until the heat build-up began to take its toll. Ginger Bollox gingerly lifted his head from a pile of drool so thick it was described by “Big D” as being similar to “snail residue” and proceeded to the toilet for self-treatment.

Round 4: Bhut Jolokia – Pure White — here is where the intensity was taken up a notch, as the Ghost Pepper haunted the faces of all the contestants, forcing them into milk-guzzling and rapid eye blinking. Big D had to bow out at this stage, but went home with a Bhut Jolokia plant for his troubles.

Round 5: Trinidad Scorpion – Orange — now up to 1 million Scoville units, this chili seemed to sting pretty bad. But everybody was hanging tough, still four contestants left and…wait…who’s that? Daniel, the Hus Forbi homeless man wanders in to save the day and take Ginger Bollox’s spot. He says he hasn’t had anything this hot since “Singapore, 22 years ago”.

Round 6: Trinidad Scorpion – Morouga Blend — closing in on 2 million Scoville units, the world’s hottest chili drove the bravest of the brave to utter madness and delirium. Ginger Bollox and Big D had both been “screaming for Huey” and were soon to be joined by Daniel whose spontaneity knew no bounds as he suddenly spewed forth an entire bucket’s worth of hard work. With Courageous Jessica, Young Jens, Wise Teddy, and Nimble Nanna all still alive and breathing, the first three were each sent home with a chili plant for their bravery, while Nanna went home with an assortment of exotic fresh chilies and some hummus;-)

What a fantastic day!  Keep sending us those photos and I’ll try and post them up in an album or something.

Thanks again to everybody for your enthusiasm, interest, and assistance!  We’ll see you again next year:-)

-Kevin Kroh


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