4th Annual CPH Chili Cook-Off

4thAnnualChiliCookOffIt’s that time of year again!

Harvest those homegrown chilies and turn up the heat because it’s back to Beboerhuset for another year of spicy, savory scrumptiousness and scintillating shenanigans!

Register here to participate (pick only one):

1) HOT SAUCES/SPREADS competition or,
2) CHILE STEW cook-off, or

Alternatively, just show up on Saturday, Oct. 12 and for 50kr. sample all the warm glowing goodness your guts will allow.

Kl.14: HOT SAUCES/SPREADS competition:
Enter your homemade hot sauce or spread with a chance to earn eternal fame and glory. Judge John (of John’s Hot Dog Deli) will select one lucky winner. Details to follow.

John’s Hot Dog Deli will also be selling their renowned sausages on which you can add your favorite sauce or spread of the day.

Kl.16: CHILE STEW cook-off:
In keeping with tradition, you preregister for the cook-off by agreeing to bring around 5 liters of your homemade stew (with serving ladle), which we’ll put on an electric burner to keep warm (bring one of those too, if you got one). Your chile stew must arrive by 15:30 in order to qualify. Free entry for all chili stew contestants.

Everyone (including contestants) will get a ballot on which they can rank the stews (1-10) according to the sacred criteria: Spiciness, Uniqueness, Texture, and Taste.

The first, second, and third place winners will be announced at 17:30, with prize details to follow.

kl.18: FRESH CHILI-EATING contest
Think you have what it takes to taste the fiery fury of a few fresh chilies? Then feel free to sign up for this classic, time-honored contest of mind over matter. The last one standing will be declared the winner and given the key to the private toilet. Prize details to follow.

So spread the word, everybody is welcome!

Sign up here or at the Summersalt Factory facebook page.

See you on Saturday, Oct. 12th!


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