Homebrew Experiment #1

Well, friends, it’s been a long time coming.

It was inevitable.

It had to be done.

With inspiration and assistance from family, friends, and foes we’ve finally brewed our first beer, tentatively titled…


— granola simcoe edition

  • 5 kg. Maris Otter
  • 1 kg. Choco Malt
  • 1 kg. Carafa III
  • .75 kg. Flaked Oats — honey roasted @ home
  • 100 g. Simcoe hops @ 70 min
  • 100 g. Simcoe hops @ 20 min
  • 100 g. Simcoe hops @ end
  • Edinburgh Ale yeast


Trey “Barley Dust” Standley

Stephanie “Irish Moss” Brooks

Anne “Hop Leaf” Kjølby

Kevin “Sparge” Kroh

Quality Control:

Jens “Mash Ton” Sonne

Wanna see how we did it?

Check this out to see the crazy preparations we made.

And give a gander at the process by which the beer was made.

Or just skip on ahead to the final product.



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One response to “Homebrew Experiment #1

  1. jesse miller

    Good call on Simcoe hops, one of my favorites. Hopefully there is some left in March when I make it to Copenhagen. If ever see it, Weyerbacher brews an amazing DIPA that uses only Simcoe hops, called Double Simcoe – rich grapefruit flavors that continually unfold as you drink it.

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