And what a wonderful cook-off it was…

Big thanks to everybody who helped make the 2nd annual cook-off a savory success! About 50 people showed up to make sure the 10 delicious stews and two kegs of microbrews were completely devoured. With a half-dozen raffles and four top prize awards, everyone went home a winner. But in another, more accurate way, the following chili stews were the real champs, and it was real close:

4th place: Slim’s slow-cooked Chili Stew
3rd place: Chang’s Mørk Skipper Stew
2nd place: Rune’s Thai Green Goo
1st place: Edu’s Trad.Texas style stew

The mighty Judge Milligan - "My verdict: magically delicious!"

THANKS AGAIN! And we’ll see ya next time.
Who knows…might be a Springtime Cook-Off in the makings, or perhaps next September in Jutland at Bjarne’s farm!


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