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Rum rejse, år 2001 from 1968 in 2016

Bhautik Joshi (2016)

‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ rendered in the style of Picasso using Deep Neural Networks

It’s been halvanden år since the last post, but this Deep Dream machine might be HAL himself reconstructed and resurrected from HELL and it’s giving me goosebumps…

*tip o’ the cap to Joe Muecke: glorious find!

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The Somersaulting Man

The Somersaulting Man



This short film lasting under 1min best illustrates what we’ve been up to lately here at the Summersalt Factory.

By the looks of it, there’ll be lots of excitement to come in 2014.

Keep saulting the streets!

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4th Annual Cook-Off RE-CAP!


photos: Donovan Moloney


photo: Eduardo Flyaway

CHILI FAMILY PHOTO, by: Eduardo Flyaway

The results are in!

After another brilliant CPH Chili Cook-Off full of sizzling hot stews, spontaneous spewing, finger-lickin’ good hot sauces, gut-wrenching hilarity, delicious organic pølser, homemade breads and hummus and chili brownies, and friendly, fiery, helpful friends and strangers, where nobody went home empty-handed (or at least empty-bellied) and where coveted prizes were won and children played and people stayed to make it a veritable “Fuld Hus Forbi” (as our homeless friend Daniel put it), we are honored and delighted to announce the winners of each of the three contests from the 4th Annual CPH Chili Cook-Off…


Entries: 7

Winner: Hot Sauce #3 – (“26/LH no.II”) – by Jens Sonne!

Jens gets to produce 20 jars of his winning hot sauce together with John’s Hot Dog Deli. Way to go Slim!


Entries: 11


Honorable Mention: Jacob Heller’s “Keep it Green”

  • Prize: bottle of hot sauce

3rd Place: Kristine Nielsen and Wes McCuiston’s “Rwandan Pumpkin Chili”

  • Prize: bag of mixed chilies (mild) and Serrano hot sauce + bag of mixed chilies (hot!) with Naga hot sauce

2nd Place: Rune and Katrine Jensen’s “Yellow Goo”

  • Prize: Chili Growing Kit: a portable electric greenhouse with a variety of chili seeds, chili-growing liquid nutrients

1st Place (and defending champion): Phil Simpson’s “Mexican Chicken and Black Bean Mole”

  • Prize: 3 jars of hot sauce, 1 bag of mixed chilies (medium-strong), and 1 cast iron pot

Congratulations to you all!


Contestants and their Nicknames:

Nanna – “Freak on a Leash”

Young Jens – “M”

Donovan – “Big D”

Teddy – “Dilly”

Jessica – “Sissy”

Benjamin – “Ginger Bollox”

Round 1: Ancho Poblano chili — everybody seemed okay with this one, commenting on the nice flavors, until we noticed something very wrong with Ginger Bollox. He’d eaten the entire chili. But it was the wrong chili.

Round 2: Aji Lemon — everybody except the aforementioned contestant sampled and enjoyed this pleasurable, citrus-y chili without any major difficulties. At this point, Ginger Bollox had passed out face-first on the table.

Round 3: Habanero Hot Lemon — once again, all five of the conscious contestants nibbled away without so much as sweating…until the heat build-up began to take its toll. Ginger Bollox gingerly lifted his head from a pile of drool so thick it was described by “Big D” as being similar to “snail residue” and proceeded to the toilet for self-treatment.

Round 4: Bhut Jolokia – Pure White — here is where the intensity was taken up a notch, as the Ghost Pepper haunted the faces of all the contestants, forcing them into milk-guzzling and rapid eye blinking. Big D had to bow out at this stage, but went home with a Bhut Jolokia plant for his troubles.

Round 5: Trinidad Scorpion – Orange — now up to 1 million Scoville units, this chili seemed to sting pretty bad. But everybody was hanging tough, still four contestants left and…wait…who’s that? Daniel, the Hus Forbi homeless man wanders in to save the day and take Ginger Bollox’s spot. He says he hasn’t had anything this hot since “Singapore, 22 years ago”.

Round 6: Trinidad Scorpion – Morouga Blend — closing in on 2 million Scoville units, the world’s hottest chili drove the bravest of the brave to utter madness and delirium. Ginger Bollox and Big D had both been “screaming for Huey” and were soon to be joined by Daniel whose spontaneity knew no bounds as he suddenly spewed forth an entire bucket’s worth of hard work. With Courageous Jessica, Young Jens, Wise Teddy, and Nimble Nanna all still alive and breathing, the first three were each sent home with a chili plant for their bravery, while Nanna went home with an assortment of exotic fresh chilies and some hummus;-)

What a fantastic day!  Keep sending us those photos and I’ll try and post them up in an album or something.

Thanks again to everybody for your enthusiasm, interest, and assistance!  We’ll see you again next year:-)

-Kevin Kroh

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Så er det tid til den 4. årlige CHILI COOK-OFF!


Høst dine hjemmedyrkede chilier og fyr op for gryderne, for det er tid til endnu en omgang med lækre, krydrede og fantastiske mad-løjer på Beboerhuset!

Du har mulighed for at tilmelde dig en af følgende konkurrencer:
Du er også mere end velkommen til bare at dukke op lørdag d. 12.10 på Beboerhuset, og for 50 kr. kan du smage på alle de brændende chili-lækkerier, som din mave kan holde til!

Program for dagen:


Medbring din hjemmelavede hot sauce eller spread og få chancen for at vinde evig ære og berømmelse. Dommer John (fra John’s Hot Dog Deli) vil vælge en heldig vinder. Flere detaljer følger.
John’s Hot Dog Deli vil også sælge deres berømte pølser, som du kan dyppe i en af dagens favorit saucer eller spreads.


I traditionens ånd kan du tilmelde dig til chili cook-off ved at medbringe ca. 5 liter af din egen hjemmelavede chili-gryderet (og serverings-ske). Vi vil sørge for at holde din gryderet varm på en af vores varmeplader (medbring gerne din egen, hvis du har en). Du skal være ankommet med din gryderet senest 15.30 for at kunne deltage I konkurrencen. Der er gratis entré for alle deltagende i chili gryderet cook-off.
Alle fremmødte (inklusiv de deltagende kombattanter) får en stemmeseddel, hvor de kan rangordne og score de forskellige chili gryderetter (1/10) ud fra følgende kriterier: Krydring, Unikhed, Konsistens og Smag.

Kl. 17.30 vil de 3 bedste gryderetter blive annonceret og præmieret.


Har du maven og modet til at smage de små brændende lækre chilier? Så tilmeld dig denne klassiske og æres-omspundne spisekonkurrence! Den mest udholdende deltager bliver udråbt som vinder og vil modtage en nøgle til sit eget private toilet. Derudover er der også præmier i sigte.
Spred ordet, alle er velkomne!

Tilmeld dig her eller på Beboerhusets Facebook side.

Vi ses lørdag d. 12.10 på Beboerhuset!


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4th Annual CPH Chili Cook-Off

4thAnnualChiliCookOffIt’s that time of year again!

Harvest those homegrown chilies and turn up the heat because it’s back to Beboerhuset for another year of spicy, savory scrumptiousness and scintillating shenanigans!

Register here to participate (pick only one):

1) HOT SAUCES/SPREADS competition or,
2) CHILE STEW cook-off, or

Alternatively, just show up on Saturday, Oct. 12 and for 50kr. sample all the warm glowing goodness your guts will allow.

Kl.14: HOT SAUCES/SPREADS competition:
Enter your homemade hot sauce or spread with a chance to earn eternal fame and glory. Judge John (of John’s Hot Dog Deli) will select one lucky winner. Details to follow.

John’s Hot Dog Deli will also be selling their renowned sausages on which you can add your favorite sauce or spread of the day.

Kl.16: CHILE STEW cook-off:
In keeping with tradition, you preregister for the cook-off by agreeing to bring around 5 liters of your homemade stew (with serving ladle), which we’ll put on an electric burner to keep warm (bring one of those too, if you got one). Your chile stew must arrive by 15:30 in order to qualify. Free entry for all chili stew contestants.

Everyone (including contestants) will get a ballot on which they can rank the stews (1-10) according to the sacred criteria: Spiciness, Uniqueness, Texture, and Taste.

The first, second, and third place winners will be announced at 17:30, with prize details to follow.

kl.18: FRESH CHILI-EATING contest
Think you have what it takes to taste the fiery fury of a few fresh chilies? Then feel free to sign up for this classic, time-honored contest of mind over matter. The last one standing will be declared the winner and given the key to the private toilet. Prize details to follow.

So spread the word, everybody is welcome!

Sign up here or at the Summersalt Factory facebook page.

See you on Saturday, Oct. 12th!

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Rookie experiments with hot sauces

This signature did not prepare a fiery chili stew for the 3rd Annual CPH Chili Cook-Off – he tried that, didn´t win, turned around, next obstacle.

And so, first steps were taken into the art of hot sauce-making. Research was done on how, how much, what and why. And the conclusions are as follows for those of you who tried it and liked it. For those of you who did not try it, here is a chance to feel the cozy warmth of Yellow Habaneros, Red Savinas and Etnas.

and here´s a visual of the two beauties…


1 Medium sized onion
5 Tomatoes
5 Yellow Habaneros
2 Tsp Apricot marmalade
½ Mango
8 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil


1 Medium sized onion
5 Tomatoes
4 Red Savinas
10 Etnas
2 Tsp Apricot Marmalade
8 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil

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2012 Cook-Off: a spicy success!

Say “chili”…!

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The 3rd Annual CPH Chili Cook-Off!

As you can see, this year’s Cook-Off will take place @ Christianshavns Beboerhus (i Salen) — a fantastic and friendly place for those of you who aren’t familiar with this cultural gathering spot — on the 14th of October at high noon. This gives all of us chili gardeners enough time to let our spicy treasures get full grown before we harvest them for this crazy cool contest.

The way it works:

A limited number of cook-contestants (15 or 16) will each bring a pot of chili to the competition by noon on Sunday.

Everyone else will be eligible to taste and judge each pot of chili according to specific criteria (ballot on the way).

Throughout the event, Summersalt Factory will be giving away raffle prizes to random lucky tasters.

Before each person leaves, they will be asked to turn in their chili-tasting ballot.

The winning chili will be announced around 5pm and awarded a special prize!

Everybody gets to participate in this event, either as a cook-contestant or a taster-judge


  • Register for the Cook-Off by October 7th and include your 50kr. registration fee. There will only be space for a limited number of cook-contestants (probably 15 or so). The registration fee can be paid by emailing me: kevinkroh (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Your pot of chili can be any style you like, with any ingredients you choose, as long as you use fresh or dried chilies! Please write down the name of your chili and the basic recipe (for food allergy considerations)
  • There will be a limited number of electric burners to warm all of the pots of chili, so be aware that we need to share and help each other out
  • You must make at least 3 Liters of chili, otherwise there won’t be enough for the taster-judges to vote on


  • When you pay your 50kr. entry fee at the door you will receive a chili-tasting ballot and a raffle ticket
  • At random points during the day raffle prizes will be given away — so hold on to your ticket
  • Remember to turn in your ballot before you leave
  • Beboerhuset will have Hancock beers flowing on tap for only 25kr. (large-size) to quench your thirst and milk will be available help put out the fires
  • And, hey, try to give a small taste of each pot of chili before eating too much 🙂
  • The ballots will be tallied throughout the day, with the winning chili to be announced around 5pm

There will be some live music, a booth or two where special guests will be selling chili-related products, and lots of movement (bowels or otherwise) all day long.

The event is now posted on Facebook, so feel free to sign up.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Pint Diaries reviews our HopTar Stout!

The brilliant beer enthusiast and educational author of the one-and-only PINT DIARIES, Casey Mulligan, gives HopTar Stout a gushingly good review.

Check it out!

Thank you, Mr. Mulligan!

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